Coronavirus (COVID-19) Update

Here are some answers to questions we know have been on your mind.

Mei Academy responds to the coronavirus pandemic

MEI Academy has been educating students around the world for over twenty years. In the past, when the need arose, we have always been able to pivot, re-design itineraries, and craft a high-level, unforgettable education for students. Last week we made the decision to reschedule travel for our Spring Semester. Staff and students have continued classes online, and we are keeping parents updated on alternate plans with online chat groups and discussions. We want to thank all of our staff, parents, and students for being understanding and helpful during these unprecedented times.


Each day, the global number of cases is revealed, and new information about the virus and how countries are responding fills the news. We will continue to monitor the situation and make decisions based on the facts and our guiding principle of student safety. We defer to the expert advice of the WHO, and the Canadian, US and individual European governments. COVID-19 is a highly contagious virus, and according to the World Health Organization, most cases will only experience flu-like symptoms. Still, it is a serious health risk to groups like the elderly and those with underlying health conditions. Over the past few months, we have seen countries like China, Japan, and South Korea have some success “flattening the curve,” and reducing the number of new cases of COVID-19 while, in contrast, countries like Italy continue to struggle. It remains to be seen which path North America is on. We will continue to monitor events closely and update information here. We hope that a swift, cautious response will help. There will be more clarity in the coming weeks.

Summer Programs

We have transitioned our summer programs to offer students a meaningful and engaging Online Live experience.

  • 10-1 student-to-staff ratio maximums
  • Interactive lectures and small discussion groups
  • personalized instruction from some of the top teacher-guest lecturers

As schools and businesses pivot to using digital formats in their everyday workflow, we are committed to helping students learn and excel in this new environment.

Term and Semester Program for the 2020 School Year

As the world rebounds from the pandemic, we remain optimistic about the coming school year. At this point, we have designed our fall and spring programs with options that will afford you choices, and that will guarantee your academics courses while protecting you from any losses due to travel cancellation.

Where can I find out more about COVID-19?

If you would like more information about the COVID-19 outbreak and some recommendations on how to best respond, please visit the World Health Organization’s website. For more information about what the Canadian Government is doing about this situation, please view the Canadian Government’s response to the outbreak. For information about the US Government response, please visit the US Government’s website.