High School Study Abroad
Program in Greece and Italy

Ancient World Odyssey

Summer 2023

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Program Dates*

Early July — Late August, 2023

Travel Dates

July 5th — August 8th, 2023

*Program dates include online sessions to prepare students prior to travel and synchronous interviews to complete final assessments after travel.


  • Rome
  • Sorrento
  • Olympia
  • The Peloponnese
  • Athens
  • Santorini

Courses Offered


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  • World History: Ancient | LVV4U


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9:1 Student to Staff Ratio

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Why Take this Program?

From the heart of the Greek islands to the soul of Greek democracy, this program offers you an unforgettable odyssey. Homer, Virgil, Cicero and Plato are our guides as we explore the ruins and examine great literature. By reading from Homer's The Iliad and The Odyssey, re-enacting Greek plays, and participating in symposium discussions, you discover hidden insights that transcend time. As Winston Churchill proclaimed, "The farther back, you can look, the farther forward you are likely to see."

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Program Photos

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What People Are Saying

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MEI was the most amazing way I could have ever achieved two high school credits. I honestly can not remember the last time I was really captivated in the classroom. I had very positive and kind teachers who were always willing to give extra help and feedback. They were some of the best teachers I've ever had and made learning so much more fun because they taught with such enthusiasm.

Alexandra Ignjatic

Student, Ancient World Odyssey, 2019

Program Itinerary

Explore this program's detailed itinerary for a sense of the journey ahead!

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Online Foundation Work

Program Preparation

Reading lists will be posted on your program site in early May. Online pre-departure sessions with your teachers and classmates begin one week prior to departure. These virtual sessions are designed to introduce you to your classmates, teachers, and course work. Our goal is to prepare you to hit the ground running and reduce your workload onsite.

Plane leaving Toronto
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Day 1: On the day of departure, we meet at Toronto's Pearson International Airport. Here, we unite as a group to distribute coursepacks, T-shirts and MEI Journals. After a meet and greet, we board a flight to our first location.

Students at Roman Ruins
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Days 2 — 11: We begin our journey of Western civilization in the ‘Eternal City’. With visits to the Colosseum and the ruins of the Forum, we wander through time and discuss the foundations of the West in the streets of the most excellent open-air museum—Rome. We will witness the physical and literal layers of Rome's history—intermixed with high fashion, luxury cars, and an unparalleled passion for soccer! Whether writing morning notes on the steps of St. Peter's Basilica, debating ideas in the Forum, or sampling the world's best gelato at the Trevi Fountain, in Rome, we witness the ghosts of history come alive at every turn.

Students at Roman Ruins
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Days 11 — 19: Here, with Sorrento's stunning views and the scent of lemon blossoms, students study Meditations by Marcus Aurelius, and reveals why Epicurus' philosophy of the quest for modest pleasures continues to carry favour in this rich and beautiful place. After venturing to the top of the Amalfi coast, we stop in Pompeii and wander through the ruins of one of Italy's most significant archaeological sites.

Ruins of Olympia
Olympia Icon

The Peloponnese

Days 19 — 23: Voyaging across the Ionian Sea, we arrive on the west coast of Greece and spend a night in Olympia, home to the monumental temple of mighty Zeus and birthplace of the original Olympic games. Here, we have the unique opportunity to lace up and run the original Olympic stadium’s track. We continue our exploration of Greece with a trip through the Peloponnese where we explore the prehistoric mountaintop citadel of Mycenae—from which Agamemnon launched his fateful assault on Troy—before heading on to the seaside town of Tolo. Crystal-clear waters, the freshest calamari, and genuine small-town Greek hospitality make this a favourite stop on our journey across the Mediterranean world. Leaving the coast behind, we then visit Epidaurus. Once the most important centre for healing in the ancient world, it is still home to the acoustically perfect theatre that hosts Greek plays during the summer months.

The Acropolis
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Days 23 — 28: We resume our odyssey with a visit to Athena’s favourite city—Athens. As the birthplace of Western democracy, philosophy, art, architecture, literature, and history, Athens genuinely does have it all. Our classrooms during our stay are in the Theater of Dionysus, among the ruins of the Temple of Zeus, within the Agora, and high atop the Acropolis, while our evenings are spent exploring the streets and enjoying rooftop dinners in this ancient city.

Student in Santorini
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Days 28 — 35: Continuing our journey back to the origins of ancient Greece and Rome, we sail to Santorini, once believed to be legendary Atlantis. Here, students continue their investigation of ancient myth and explore the formation of a collective understanding of self and culture through examinations of Homer’s epic tales of Achilles and Odysseus. Digging into their course reading list, students also do a comparative study of classical Greek texts with modern interpretations and adaptations. When not debating in lecture, we spend our time wandering the cliffside towns and black sand beaches of this fabled island, concluding our time there with an epic hike along the caldera from Oia to watch the sunset over the capital of Fira.

Departure from Santorini Airport on Day 35

Studying for Finals
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Online Final Evaluation Week

Upon your return, you have time to complete additional research and pull your work together before your final one-on-one online assessment. This week allows you to reflect on your travel experiences and integrate them into the course material. MEI staff have found this style of evaluation enjoyable and the most authentic way for students to demonstrate their knowledge and academic skills.







What's Included

Fee Breakdown

Program Costs

  • Ministry-approved credit(s) upon successful completion of the course(s)
  • Custom course pack
  • Student Login
  • MEI journal
  • MEI T-Shirt
  • Digital yearbook

Travel Costs

  • Hotels and accommodations
  • Breakfast and dinner daily
  • Entrance fees to all course-specific sites
  • Return airfare from Toronto's Pearson International Airport
  • Approximate airline departure taxes, surcharges and fees
  • Airfare between countries
  • Transportation between hotel locations via private coach
  • Transportation for all listed program excursions

Program Fee Does Not Include

  • Lunches
  • Insurances
  • Gratuities
  • Local Transportation
  • Course texts
  • Medical Insurance and Cancellation Protection†
  • Non-refundable $95 Registration Fee

† All students travelling with MEI Academy are required to purchase Medical Insurance.

**Program cost does not include non-refundable $95 registration fee or any airline taxes or fees. Please note the possibility of increases in airfares and land costs prior to departure. Any increase must be borne by the individual participant.

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