We believe that the best education lies in experiencing the world around us where there are no desks, there are no walls: the world is our classroom.

What is MEI Academy All About?

Our guiding principle has always been to encourage students to learn about the world and how to live in it. It isn’t enough to travel abroad, visit historical sites and museums, and expect meaningful connections to happen automatically. Our mission is to offer a global high school experience with each lesson designed to inspire REAL education in the locations we visit.

Joe Mei, Program Director

Joe Mei has been involved in teaching and overseas education for over twenty years. His diverse educational experiences across Canada, the United States and Europe have strengthened his conviction that there is no substitute for experiential learning. Mr. Mei’s love of history and literature of all cultures inspired him to establish this international academy. His ongoing mission is to provide life-changing educational opportunities for students.

Academic Tools

At MEI, we pride ourselves at being on the cutting edge of technological and educational advancements. To enhance their learning experience, each student will receive a digital course pack featuring course lectures with relevant video and sound clips, assignments, supplemental readings and additional resources. As well, students will record podcasts that are posted online and complete photo and video assignments to showcase their journey.


In order to get the most out of their international experience, students will participate in a variety of additional activities: From seeing a play at the Globe Theatre; swimming in the Aegean Sea; practising yoga on the beaches of Venice; to trading stocks on the streets of New York City; recording podcasts in the ancient amphitheatres of Greece or playing ultimate Frisbee in the valleys of the Swiss Alps, students are sure to enjoy the incredible experiences made available to them beyond the academic.

Course Accreditation and Curriculum

MEI offers Ministry-accredited courses that are accredited by the Upper Grand District School Board. These course credits will appear on students’ academic records and can be used for university entrance. Our academic advisors work with students’ home schools to ensure that courses meet their curriculum standards and that students are well prepared when applying to universities around the world.

  • Ontario students will receive Ontario Ministry of Education course accreditation through the Upper Grand District School Board.
  • Students from schools outside of Ontario may have the academic courses accredited by their individual schools or local school boards.

Course Credit Details

All course curriculum is developed by MEI Academy and the Upper Grand District School Board. Specific course curricula and prerequisites are available under each course’s description. 

Upper Grand District School Board

The Upper Grand District School Board is located in Guelph, Ontario, and operates high schools in Guelph and surrounding areas. The partnership between MEI and the Upper Grand District School Board provides students and teachers a chance to explore international learning opportunities: The world is our classroom. Together we make this a reality.

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The Best Practices for Learning

For over a decade, Upper Grand and MEI have been recognized as leaders in international education. Education outside the four walls of a classroom is not our hobby—it is our profession and our passion. Our full-time craft and trade is designing academic lessons that complement the sites we visit. At MEI, we know that knowledge and experience go hand-in-hand. Creating that balance is what we do best.


Real learning begins when knowledge comes alive. Our itinerary infuses the locations we travel to with the academics we study, creating a seamless arc to the journey. Students will put their learning into practice by completing assignments on site that aim to integrate their travel observations and real-world insights.


With over 20 years of experience in travel and education, we know the benefit of preparation. Each MEI program begins with a preparatory online component. This allows students to hit the ground running as soon as they arrive overseas and dive straight into the culture and history that awaits them.


We believe that knowledge and experience require analysis and reflection in order to be fully utilized. Each course is designed to challenge students to develop their own educational philosophy through opinion and responsive exercises, meaningful conversations, independent study units and personal reflections.

Our Students

MEI attracts engaged, motivated students who are looking for adventure and a COMPETITIVE EDGE. Embarking on any MEI adventure is a chance to join a team of students who are eager to take their educational journey to the next level.

Our Teachers

We believe the best conceived plans need exceptional leaders to execute them. Our unique learning environment requires that our teachers possess extensive knowledge in their subject area and excel in the use of contemporary teaching methods. It has taken over 20 years of travelling and teaching to summon together the finest teachers. Staff are selected based on their academic knowledge, travel experience and, most importantly, their passion for teaching young adults.

As a testament to how the MEI experience impacts students, many alumni return as faculty members after completing their university degrees. They return wanting to give back what they received as students.

Students and parents will have an opportunity to meet the staff and teachers at a pre-departure meeting held before each trip begins.

Our Itinerary

20 Years of EXPERIENCE

You cannot replace over twenty years of careful craftsmanship. Our itineraries are not designed by travel agents, but by adventurous educators. This is our FULL-TIME PROFESSION. Each day we deliver curated experiences that connect to the curriculum, provide an opportunity for exploration, and allow for careful reflection. These are the keys to a WELL-ROUNDED EDUCATION.

Our Hotels


Where you reside while travelling can make or break your experience. An uncomfortable night’s sleep or a long commute can unravel energy and momentum. MEI WILL NEVER sacrifice our location—THE TRADE-OFF IS NOT WORTH IT! Each morning we are up and out, immersed in the heart of the world we’re investigating.

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