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Why take MEI Online Live?

For over 20 years, MEI has provided countless educational experiences that prepare students for university and beyond. MEI's Essential Online Live offers senior Math courses taught by the best educators in Ontario. You’ll receive personalized, valuable and descriptive feedback and the consistent support you need to be successful. Each teacher is hand-picked for their excellence as mentors and guides to ensure that each student is ready to excel at university.

Student in online learning class

Advanced Functions | MHF4U

Calculus and Vectors | MVC4U

Program Dates

Students can take a maximum of two courses per Quadmester


Class work

Late July – Late August

Culminating Tasks

Late August – Early September
Quad One

Class work

September 8 – October 23

Culminating Tasks

October 26 – 30
Quad Two

Class work

November 30 – January 20

Culminating Tasks

January 20 – 25
Quad Three

Class work

February 15 – April 19

Culminating Tasks

April 13 – 19
Quad Four

Class work

April 22 – June 25

Culminating Tasks

June 21 – 25
Exact dates subject to change.

What's Included

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    The Best Online Experience

    Live, in-person classes with dedicated and inspirational teachers in a maximum 10:1 student-staff ratio.

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    The Best Resources

    Meticulously curated resources and lessons.

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    The Best Education

    Detailed and professional feedback. Personalized guidance and academic mentoring.

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Students in a zoom call

Learned More

I unfortunately couldn’t go out on the kingdoms and empires trip due to covid-19 but instead I did online school with MEI. The online classes through Zoom were very interactive and educational. I got super close with my fellow students in my small class and was always able to reach my teacher for any questions I had. We learned through virtual tours, lectures and group activities. I enjoyed the learning style and can easily say I learned more through online MEI courses than any high school course I’ve taken in school.

Maddy A, Student
MEI Online Live Term 3, 2020

Extremely Fulfilling

When our adventure to Europe was cancelled due to the pandemic, I, and presumably my peers, were crushed. I was initially skeptical of the paradox of online abroad school, but attempted to maintain my usual optimism as we explored this unpredicted learning route. As soon as I met my teachers, my positivity and curiosity skyrocketed. I can’t imagine what I would have retained had we departed on our trip because the online curriculum was extremely fulfilling. My teachers were engaging and energetic, and their enthusiasm inevitably rubbed off on each student. That a teacher who had expected to bond through face to face connections was able to seamlessly cultivate these bonds while we resided states and countries apart is astounding. It may not have been the journey that I signed up for, but I learned more about myself and my peers than I imagined was possible.

Sydney Sullivan, Student
MEI Online Live Term 3, 2020

My Skills Improved Immensely

In the winter/spring of 2020, I was supposed to travel with MEI Academy and explore Europe, but instead, because of COVID-19, we did our semester online. Nonetheless, MEI managed to make this experience worthwhile. They did an amazing job at mirroring the feeling that comes with travelling and learning simultaneously, This is easily the most enriching course I’ve ever taken; my writing skills have improved immensely, and my knowledge of history is now unmatched by my family and friends. The projects were always original, the lectures were fun and engaging, and I find myself graduating with wonderful new friends, both in fellow students and in teachers!

Caylie Castonguay, Student
MEI Online Live Term 3 and 4, 2020

Program Fee

Fee Breakdown

Included In Program Fee

  • Ministry-approved credit(s) upon successful completion of the course(s)
  • Access to Google Classroom
  • Student Login
  • 9:1 Student to staff ratio (maximum)
  • Live lectures, discussions and activities
  • Individual attention
  • Live video conferencing

Program Fee Does Not Include

  • Course texts

*Program Cost includes non-refundable $95 processing fee.

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